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LeadsFlow is a proven franchise lead generation system that will grow your franchise whilst creating satisfied franchisees and more success for the entire network

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LeadsFlow is a structured franchise lead generation system like no other. Whilst most franchise growth is focused on selling more franchises to more prospective franchisees, LeadsFlow focuses on a more rounded approach of generating more of the most crucial part of your franchise network – new leads. After all, making your existing franchisees successful, makes recruiting new franchisees a whole lot easier.


What is the LeadsFlow Franchise Lead Generation System?

We have created and proven a system that will help your franchisees prosper through a regular supply of new business leads. There is nothing more attractive to a potential franchisee than the sight of your existing franchisees being successful. This is the main benefit of joining a franchise network for them.

The basis of the work we do is internet marketing led. This means we generate these leads through Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Website Conversion Improvement. Not only are these methods commonly known to be the most cost effective way of generating leads, they are also the most measurable. It is that high level of measuring combined with our structured process that enables the growth that we achieve for our franchise clients across the UK.

This process not only creates growth from within; it creates satisfied franchisees. When it comes to recruiting new franchisees, your investment achieves more too. When new prospective franchisees see that you have a thriving franchise with successful franchisees, the opportunity sells itself.


How Does Our Franchise Lead Generation System Work?

Our bespoke lead generation system is at the heart of what we do. The system takes any franchise network from where it is today and through a step by step process leads them through to ever growing profits. Through a series of trigger points, franchisees invest in their own success with the profits of previous investment. The system is, therefore, self-funding.

We both train and listen to the entire network. That 2-way on-going dialogue directly informs the campaigns we create. Working closely with all of your franchisees as well as your head office team, we are better able to create repeatable successes.

We apply a 360-degree process to choosing which online marketing elements will work best e.g. Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Paid Online Advertising, Email Marketing, Website Conversion Improvements etc. This means that we choose, implement, measure, feedback and re-choose in a continual improvement cycle.


How Can Our Lead Generation System Help You?

We know how to generate leads for your franchisees. We know how to help them to get on board with our proven system. Regardless of whether you are a new franchisor or run an established network, we can introduce our system to your franchise. We have an on-boarding process that is flexible enough to take you from where you are now and get you up to speed.

If you want to grow your franchise network, firstly by generating enough sales for your franchisees to be more successful, then to build upon that success, let’s talk. You can either call our LeadsFlow leaders on 01494 538441 or use the contact form below. However, if you want to know more about our franchise lead generation system beforehand click here.