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What Makes a Good Franchisee?

What Makes a Good Franchisee? Compared to start-up businesses, far fewer franchises fail and many become profitable in a relatively short space of time. So why are franchises successful and what makes a good franchisee? Successful Franchises Franchises are more likely... read more

Franchising for Business Growth

Every business has to start somewhere, but with the right idea, pitched at the right target audience at the right time, a small enterprise has the potential to grow. Scaling up a business can certainly present challenges and many companies will restrict growth in... read more

How can Franchisees Establish a Unique Identity?

A franchise provides a great opportunity for many people to become their own boss. Buying into an established brand, with proven processes, tried and tested systems and a clearly identified target customer helps many owners to avoid many of the pitfalls associated... read more

Can Email Marketing work for Franchisees?

When you take on a franchise, you are likely to be provided with a range of resources that enable you to get up and running more quickly than a standard start up. The business package that you have bought into may include various means of marketing your services. As a... read more

Breaking Free from the Office: Working Outdoors

When we are considering a future career, an important consideration is the type of work environment that you feel comfortable in. When we think of a place of work, we might immediately picture an office with a desk, phone and computer, but there are many other... read more

When Push comes to Shove: Time for a New Career?

Almost all of us have something in our lives that we’d ideally like to change. A personal trait, a draining commitment, a habit or a career – what transformation would you like to see in your life? The trouble is that, even when we are aware of what we would like to... read more

Positive Outlook for Franchise Industry

According to the latest survey that has been published by the British Franchise Association and Natwest, the UK franchise industry is going from strength to strength. In 2015 621,000 people were employed in a franchise, which has been a steady increase of over 10%... read more

Is SEO for franchise networks different to other SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is SEO right? How can it be any different for a franchise network than it is for any other business and why would I need a specialist franchise marketing SEO company? In this blog I will try to outline the key differences between SEO... read more

How do I increase my franchise network?

There are a whole range of ways to increase your franchise network. Depending on what you find most natural, you will respond to each differently. So, straight in, here we go; Franchise Exhibitions There are loads of them. Do a quick Google search for the latest dates... read more