Franchise Email Marketing

As part of the LeadsFlow system, we explore any existing or future franchise email marketing campaigns and work to ensure you’re not only sending out engaging email marketing content but also that you’re sending them to the right prospects.

Do you have a mailing list? Are you gathering the email addresses of your website visitors? Do you have your current customers’ email addresses?  Are all of those “opted-in”?

Email marketing can be a very powerful tool when used correctly.  It can also be a minefield with anti-spamming laws and internet service providers ready to shut down spammers very quickly.  Knowing how to do it right, and do it well is one of LeadFlow’s strengths.


Measuring Franchise Email Marketing Success

As with all areas of marketing, franchise email marketing must set objectives, measure results, and make adjustments for continuous improvement.  What do you hope to achieve?  Is it to bring more franchisees, win new customers for the network, upsell existing customers, build the brand, or something else?  Getting the right mailing list is the first step in achieving any of those goals.  Then the message must be crafted well.  Sending the mail must also be managed properly to avoid the pitfalls of being identified as a spammer and having your email system brought down! Once the mail is sent, measuring results is a key.  How many recipients even received it?  How good was your list in terms of “real” email addresses?  How many people opened it?  How many visited your site?  When you know how effective the campaign was, you can work to make the next one better.

This is the structured approach you must go through if you aim to achieve email marketing success for your franchises. It is our team’s experience in this process that makes franchise email marketing painless and profitable when implemented with the LeadsFlow system. So, contact our team to discuss how our email marketing for franchises and how to LeadsFlow franchise lead generation system can help your network generate leads, grow sales and sell franchises.


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