Franchise Internet Marketing

Franchise internet marketing is an integral part of the LeadsFlow system and is at the heart of generating more leads, more sales for franchisees, thus more income for the franchisor. Having a successful franchisee network makes selling more franchises far easier. One of the biggest challenges facing any franchise organisation is the generation of leads for the franchisees. The product or service may be good enough to sell itself, but if people can’t find it, how can sales increase?  If contact with potential customers is vital, how do the franchisees find those people who need the products and service?

franchise internet marketing

Internet marketing (SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing) for franchises

Why is Franchise Internet Marketing Important?

In today’s market, internet marketing is vital.  Print, broadcast and other media are still in wide use, but for most consumers the internet is the first port of call when they look for the things they need and want.  Franchise internet marketing is designed to make a franchise’s offering readily findable by the search engines. It will get a franchise’s message to its possible consumers. You can upsell and cross-sell to existing customers. it can also create brand strength across the right social media channels.

Like all internet marketing efforts, franchise internet marketing must be customised for the franchise’s business model.  While SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay-per-Click), Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing can all be used, achieving the right mix makes it far more effective.  Within those broad categories there are areas which can be emphasised or ignored to create the most effective internet marketing campaigns.

As you now have a greater understanding of the importance of internet marketing and how the LeadsFlow lead generation system can help you, contact our team. We would would love the opportunity to discuss how the LeadsFlow system can be implemented into your franchise network and help you generate more leads, more sales for franchisees, thus more income for the franchisor.


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