Franchise PPC (Pay-per-Click)

As a structured lead generation system for franchises, franchise PPC (pay-per-click) is often a fundamental part of the LeadsFlow system. But pay-per-click advertising entails much more than simply creating an advert and serving it online at mass. In fact, it is the ongoing management and monitoring that brings the true value in the long run.

Getting people looking for what you sell to your website can be done quickly. Creating a PPC ad and getting it online is a fairly swift process.  But it must be done correctly or it can cost a great deal and have little return.

As with other areas of internet marketing, the first thing to decide is what you wish to bring traffic to your website for.  PPC for franchises is about getting the right people to your website and converting them into customers (or franchisees), not just bringing more traffic.  You must know whether your campaign is meant to bring leads for selling more franchises or to bring more customers for the franchisees.  As simple as that may sound, the objectives are very different.  Both are vital to the success of the business and deciding that will help decide how to structure the franchise’s internet presence in terms of how the site(s) are built – separate or all-in-one.

The channels for PPC are more than just Google AdWords, although it is by far the biggest and most important for many businesses.  But you should also consider Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube and the offerings of Yahoo and Bing.  Some of these channels work better for some businesses than others.  The LeadsFlow team have plenty of experience with which ones can do the most effective job for various products and services and can build campaigns that bring a solid Return on Investment.


Managing a Franchise PPC Campaign

Running the campaign is not just setting up an ad and letting it run.  Measuring results and making adjustments is terribly important.  Looking at the cost per click is what everyone does when setting up.  But more important is watching the cost per conversion.  How much is it costing you to get a viewer to take the action you want (buying something, filling out a form, downloading a document, making contact, etc.)?  Setting up a few ads, and looking to see which one(s) get the most conversions can allow you to reduce the cost per conversion over a period of time, which can make the process much more profitable!

Getting good landing pages set up for the ads is also very important.  Just sending every PPC visitor to the home page won’t get the best possible result.  Creating engaging pages with compelling content and good calls-to-action can improve the conversion rate markedly.

Those are just a couple of things to watch.  They are more pitfalls and areas to work on. Good franchise PPC has to be managed well.  The LeadsFlow team bring a wealth of experience and knowledge and can make the entire franchise network thrive.

It is this experience in pay-per-click advertising and the structured LeadsFlow system that helps your franchise network generate leads, grow sales and sell franchises. So, contact our team to find out how our PPC for franchises and the LeadsFlow system can grow your network.


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