Franchise SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The LeadsFlow system for franchise growth is designed to generate leads for franchisees and franchisors.  It is an integrated system that brings the various internet marketing tools to the party. All of these tools may not work well for every business.  What the LeadsFlow team does is evaluate the right mix for the franchisor and the franchisees, in order to develop a customised package that will have the greatest effect on revenue and growth.  Franchise SEO is one of those tools.  When you search for the things your franchise sells online, does your website, or do your franchisees’ websites appear at the top of page one of the results? If not, your competitors’ do!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about getting a business’s website at the top of search engines’ first page of results when a company’s good and services are searched for online.  This brings targeted traffic (people looking to buy your offerings) to the website, and turns them into customers. The search terms used are known as key phrases. The methods used in SEO for franchises can vary a great deal.  But, it is always started by conducting Keyword Research to determine the most effective key phrases.

The franchise SEO approach is often determined by the way the franchisor wishes to establish the business’s internet presence.  Some franchises have a single website for all their franchisees.  Others have a main website for the national brand, but each franchisee has a separate site.  Some franchises have strict geographical territories that each franchisee trades in.  Other franchises allow more than one franchise to open in any area.  This structure will determine how franchise SEO will be managed.

Franchisors will normally require a national or regional effort.  For some businesses, even the franchisees need this wide exposure in search results.  Other businesses will need a focus on “local search”.  This brings a franchisee’s website (or pages) onto the search engine’s first page of results when the town they operate in is a part of the search term put into the search bar.


SEO for Franchises

SEO for Franchises


How is Franchise SEO Done?

So how is all this done?  It really isn’t a mystery.  Getting a website ranked well by search engines is simply about relevance.  For a given search phrase, the search engines use their algorithms to find the websites that are most relevant to that term.  They use a very large number of parameters to measure that relevance.  But the key is relevance.

When the pages are written to provide information that is pertinent to the search term (key phrase), it is a very good first step!  It is also the most important aspect.  No matter what else is done across the internet to improve rankings, if the words on the web page are not correct (in places viewer see, as well as some places they don’t normally), the effort is wasted.

Other things that move sites up in the rankings are the various methods of quality link building.  By “quality”, we mean links from good websites, providing relevant (to the key phrase) information.  The link back to the web page on the franchise’s site is to get to a place with more information about that subject.  There are numerous methods to create good links (article marketing, video SEO, social bookmarking, blog posting, forum posting, etc.), and the methods that work for one business will be less effective for others.  Knowing the most effective ways to accomplish the SEO goals for a given business is one of the great strengths of LeadsFlow.


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