Franchise Social Media Marketing

A fundamental part of successful lead generation is franchise social media marketing across popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. The LeadsFlow team is made up of specialist in all areas of internet marketing, including social media. Who bring together a strategic understanding of your franchise and in-depth knowledge of social media marketing to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy focused on lead generation for your franchise network and individual franchisees.

Everyone these days talks about social media, and most of us use it one way or another.  Internet marketing for franchises should include social media for franchises as well.  Which social media channels should you use?  You can work with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more.  Some work better for some businesses than others.  The experienced LeadsFlow team can help direct your franchise’s (and franchisees’) social media efforts in the right direction.

franchise social media marketing

Social media marketing for franchises

Proper Franchise Social Media Marketing

Proper social media marketing for franchises includes a wide range of activities and much of the battle is about choosing the right channels to fit your products or services. The LeadsFlow team have experts in all the major social media options. Whether it is about creating YouTube videos or LinkedIn posts, we make sure your marketing budget is used to generate a healthy return on investment. The work we do is all done in house. We don’t outsource what we do, so we ensure quality. This is all-important when it comes to getting your audience to engage with you. It is engagement that makes social media successful.

We’ll help you determine the objectives of the social media campaign.  Do you want to manage your reputation (there’s not much worse that a tweeted and retweeted negative comment online!), build the brand, bring in new customers, provide customer service, of just be out there?  Setting objectives, measuring results, and improving performance is what we do for our clients.

Most businesses approach social media as a broadcast medium.  They post things, they tweet things, they publish things and wait for the internet to come calling.  It doesn’t happen.  Social media is about engagement.  Social media for franchises is no different.  Getting into conversations with people online is what makes it work.  Whether answering technical questions, accepting praise, solving a problem, or soothing a disgruntled customer you’re showing the internet audience what a great company you are.

Managing an effective social media effort can be time consuming, but very rewarding.  The LeadsFlow team has the experience, the tools, and the knowledge of how to make it work profitably. So, contact our team to find out how franchise social media marketing can be implemented into the LeadsFlow system customised for your franchise network.


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