Franchise Web Design

As a part of the LeadsFlow system, we look at any existing franchise web design and work to optimise it for conversions (turning visitors into customers, or getting them to make contact).  Our team is made up of professional specialists in design, build, and programming for template, bespoke and E-commerce websites.  Many web design companies are one-man bands.  Our team have in-depth knowledge in their fields that a one-man band just couldn’t have in all those areas.  We bring that depth of knowledge to bear on all our projects involving web design for franchises.

This has to be looked at from a number of angles, when dealing with a franchise network:

  • Does each franchisees site follow a franchise branding guideline?
  • Does each franchisee have their own site?
  • Do franchisees have pages on a main site?
  • Is it a hybrid of the above?
  • Does the franchisor have a separate site for recruiting new franchisees?

These are just a few of the structural questions that have to be addressed before we can even look at design questions.


franchise web design

Template, bespoke and E-commerce web design for franchises

Franchise Web Design Elements

Once those questions have been answered (and the answers are different for different businesses), we will implement the elements that make a website a profit centre and get them working for your franchise and franchisee.

These include:

  • Use of colours – branding colours and setting a mood
  • Calls to Action – telling the viewer what to do next!
  • Ease of navigation – make it simple to find information
  • Clean, simple layout – don’t make it hard to read
  • Elements are aligned well – don’t let it look sloppy
  • Use of images – they get attention, but must be high quality!
  • Content should begin near enough to the top to be seen when site is opened

Now that you understand what process you must go through to successfully structure and design a franchise website contact our team. We would love the opportunity to discuss our franchise web design and development services and how the LeadsFlow franchise lead generation system can help you generate more leads, more sales, and sell more franchises.


For franchise web design (template, bespoke and E-commerce) contact LeadsFlow