How We Do It

At the core of the LeadsFlow franchise lead generation system is a methodology that layers small successes upon small successes, which in turn create the big results.

Level One – Establish

We begin by learning the business of the franchise. We will gain an in-depth understanding of the current marketing plans of the franchisor and of the franchisees. We can then ensure that our work is integrated with the overall marketing plans of the network. We need to be aligned with our franchisors so that they understand the journey we are about to take together. To do this properly we need to make sure that our franchisors receive the best online marketing training. It’s not that they will have to do the work themselves, but there are some subtle differences in the way the majority of businesses approach online marketing and the way the top 5% carry out online marketing. We need our clients in the top 5%. We then need a solid base for the franchisor. Before working with the franchisees, we need to get the head office at peak performance. Of course establishing this means different things for different franchise networks depending on how far along the journey they are when we come on-board. We are then introduced to the existing franchisees and bring them up to speed with the same high level of training that the franchisor received. Again, different franchisees will have taken their own online marketing to different levels. Our role is to standardise the approach. The intensity will vary from one franchisee to another, but the approach should always be the same.   Level-1-Establish

Level Two – Expand

Once the current network is on a firm footing, there will be an increase in sales revenue across the entire network. This increase will naturally increase the monthly ‘central marketing fee’ that you as a franchisor receives. In Level Two it’s time to expand the network by building a specific franchise recruitment site. The customers of your product or service don’t want to have a franchise opportunity displayed on the website they use to find what it is you and your franchisees do. A small link in the footer is more than enough of a hint that your services are part of a franchise network.   Level-2-Expand

Level Three – Escalate

With the existing network optimising their online marketing and getting a solid return on their marketing investment, we can escalate things in Level Three. This is where we begin to block out page one of Google by having not only the Google Places (map) listing and the position 1 listing for their local areas, but we add to this a second micro site. The idea being that we want three (or potentially four with Adwords) chances of the Google searcher clicking on one of our listings. At the same time, as a franchisor, you begin to build ‘niche’ sites based upon specific audiences within your wider customer base. The aim is to get multiple listings appearing on page one of Google for your targeted national keyphrases. Whilst your franchisee may target for example ‘Bookkeeper Coventry’ you might target ‘Bookkeepers for Home Businesses’. Each time we move up a level, it is based on profits from the previous level. We use trigger points to determine when the right moment is for you to take the next step. This method avoids either not investing enough and therefore never seeing the rewards, or investing too heavily, too quickly and running out of cash. Our approach is measured and profitable.   Level-3-Escalate


Of course, all of this is underpinned by the best training and support available. There is a permanent 2-way dialogue with you and your franchisees. We report the results as they are without ‘colouring’ them. After all, we are all on the same side and have the same goals; to make your franchise network grow. We really would love the opportunity to discuss in more detail the LeadsFlow Franchise Lead Generation System. If you would like to see for yourself just how powerful this unique approach is, either use the form below or call our LeadsFlow leaders on 01494 538441 to contact us.