Long Term Results Can’t Be Achieved Overnight: Advice for Franchisees

As a business owner, you want to effectively market your business and generate a wealth of new leads. You want to stand out from the competition and attract the type of customer who not only buys from you, but also encourages their friends or business contacts to follow suit. You want to ensure that the effort you are putting is channelled in the best way, so that your results really do mean a return on investment.

Of course you do, but then, so does every other business owner and with that much competition, there simply can’t be a quick fix or an overnight success. There are no magic wands. If that is really what you want, you’re going to have to work at it. It will take time, money and effort to get your business in a strong position and then on-going work to keep it there.

In many ways, parallels can be made with getting fit and healthy. We’d all love a toned body, a strong immune system, stamina and curves in the right places, but we know wishing for it isn’t enough. If this really is important to us, we have to invest time, money and effort into undertaking regular exercise and preparing nutritional meals.

With considerable effort and a motivating force, we could all get into better physical shape and reap the benefits after a few months. The same goes for our business, but it is important to recognise that once we achieve our goal, we can’t just revert to old habits. The intensive focus might no longer be necessary, but regular on-going work is the only way to get the most from your efforts.

Internet Marketing for Franchises

The majority of franchisees will be provided with a branded website. In the majority of cases this is a single website on which there is a page that specifically relates to the individual franchisee business. In other cases, an individual site will be provided. Time, money and effort would have gone into place to get the site up and running, targeting the desired prospect and providing the content that customers are looking for.

The on-going challenge is to promote this website and keep it relevant, up to date and engaging. In the online world, this work comes under the umbrella of internet marketing. The franchise company can undertake some of this work, but in order to make the updates relevant to local customers, each franchisee has a role to play in supporting this internet marketing.

Online Challenges in Franchising

The challenge for the franchisor is to ensure brand compliancy. They simply can’t afford to allow each individual franchisee to freely do their own thing online and potentially risk the reputation of the company. For this reason, the franchisor typically has a degree of control over the layout, design and content on all franchisee pages or sites.

The challenge for the franchisee is that there can be little opportunity to personalise their web presence. This makes it difficult to respond to local issues, share regional news or include case studies, product reviews, testimonials, images, video and other content that relates to their specific business.

If you are trying to work with an internet marketing company to help boost and maintain your online success, a lack of understanding about the specific challenges of franchisees can be prohibitive. They will know what works with other companies, but can get frustrated by the limitations that exist on franchise websites. It can therefore be advantageous to work with a company and products that have been specifically designed for the franchise market.

In the case of internet marketing, LeadsFlow has been created to address the need for Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Website Conversion Improvement in order to generate leads. These methods are commonly known to be the most cost effective way of generating leads and they are also measurable, so the results can be monitored, reviewed and used to inform future strategy.

If you are a franchisor or franchisee that is looking to attract more online customers within the boundaries that ensure the reputation of your business is upheld, LeadsFlow could offer the solution.