The LeadsFlow Team

The LeadsFlow team is made up of professional specialists in their areas.  The website development team has graphics designers, functional builders, and programmers.  Each has in-depth knowledge in their field.  Thus, our clients get the best in all areas of design and build.  The internet marketing team is the same.  We have specialists in on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC (pay-per-click), email marketing, etc.  Jim Hetzel and Elton Boocock are the leaders behind all LeadsFlow projects. Leading the Urban Media team of highly skilled technical guys (and girls), they have decades of experience that only comes with years of carrying out internet marketing in various industry sectors first hand. They both have real world experience of what works and what doesn’t within businesses, and more specifically franchises.


Jim Hetzel (left, the good-looking one)

JimHetzel-EltonBoocockJim’s own internet marketing experience originally came as a franchisee for WSI, who are still the biggest internet marketing franchise on the planet. Why is he not still with them? Because even they didn’t have this system for their own franchisees. Even they, an internet marketing franchise, were unable to generate enough leads for their franchisees. We knew Jim as a local competitor before joining Urban Media, and when he saw the massive difference in what Urban Media did for their Clients compared to every other company in our industry, he jumped ship and we’re glad he did.

In addition to his internet marketing knowledge, Jim has a lot of corporate management experience that adds to what he brings to the team. For some reason, he obsesses over things like Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Looking at data isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but Jim has always had a love for it and it adds huge value to the service our clients across the UK experience. What he does have in bucket loads and is a minimum requirement for Urban Media and LeadsFlow, is 100% care for our clients, and he is passionate about other people succeeding.

Jim’s primary role in LeadsFlow projects is to support franchisees and franchisors by being their first point of contact within the team. He has a full understanding of what the franchisor wants from franchisees and what the franchisees want from the franchisor.


Elton Boocock (right)

Elton is the founder of Urban Media and author of Internet Marketing the Full Story. Elton is the ‘Go To’ guy for a lot of internet marketers through his internet marketing coaching side. It’s not that he understands how to use social media better than them or even has a better idea of the Google inner workings. He just ‘gets’ internet marketing from a lead generation (return on investment) point of view in a way that others often miss. Where most marketers focus on generating awareness, Elton takes it that necessary step further and focuses on how you push through to sales, not just clicks. After all, are your franchisees looking for visibility on Google or are they crying out for more leads?

Elton is one of the few people that can say he began before Google existed. This means he has seen just about every fad going. In fact, when he started, most businesses thought the internet itself was a fad. Having worked for a range of blue chip brands such as Sainsbury’s, DHL, Orange, Tui Thomson, Tesco etc. he chose to change the direction of Urban Media to focus on smaller businesses and franchises where as he says ‘he could have a massive impact’ on their success, in a way he couldn’t whilst having the big brand clients where he was never going to change their share price.

Elton’s primary role in LeadsFlow projects is to analyse and steer the strategy to keep improving the returns we make for our clients. He is also involved in the initial and ongoing training of franchisors and their franchisees.